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In the countries of our region there is evident rise of right-wing, fascist groups, which almost always focus their attacks on marginalized people – women, trans persons, Roma communities, migrants, people of color, sex workers, and many others. As our communities are one of the main targets of fascist groups which oppose the Istanbul Convention and gender equality. By organizing the Balkan Trans Intersex March, the trans and intersex communities have decided to manifest our movement and send clear messages of pride and defiance, a revolt against those who try to claim dominion over our bodies, minds and lives, as well as against all forms of oppression. We want to show that our communities from different countries are standing in solidarity to end the attacks on us, our bodies and lives, as well as that the margin is a place of resistance, not a place of control and obedience. Our solidarity does not stop at borders, it speaks all languages, and we stand firmly by all persons whose human rights and dignity are being violated.

The march will be held on Saturday, March 30, 2019 in Zagreb.

The Balkan Trans Intersex March is built on the following values:

  • Joint fight for the human rights of persons of all gender identities, gender expressions, body characteristics and experiences
  • Joint fight against transphobia, intersexphobia, homophobia, biphobia, misogyny, racism, ableism, and all other forms of oppression
  • The right to bodily integrity and full respect of the right to make decisions about one’s own body, without exceptions.
  • Fight against fascism, militarism, wars, and all forms of violence
  • Advocating for the preservation of nature, sustainable use of natural resources and renewable energy resources
  • Respect for cultural diversity and resistance against all forms of colonialism and imperialism

We believe that there is no freedom for anyone without the freedom for every being!

By marching, we demand:

  1. Alignment of legislative frameworks and practices in the region with European recommendations: Resolution on Discrimination Against Transgender people in Europe (2015) and Resolution on the Rights of Intersex People (2019)
  2. The freedom to make decisions about our own bodies and lives, through complete respect of self-determination and bodily integrity for every trans and gender variant child, every trans and gender non-binary adult, and for every intersex infant, child, and adult
  3. Free and simple change of documents, i.e. legal recognition of gender, sex and name, based solely on self-determination
  4. Accessible and subsidized health-care, free of pathologization, which meets the needs of trans and intersex persons, with education of medical experts for implementing individualized approaches and informed consent
  5. Adequate, prompt, and efficient processing of hate speech and hate crimes
  6. Media reporting which respects our identities, bodies and experiences, without sensationalism
  7. Educational system free of imposing of gender and sex norms, including respectful and positive representation of our bodies, identities, and experiences in educational institutions and materials
  8. Respect of workers’ and human rights and acknowledgment of multiple discrimination faced by trans and intersex persons who are sex workers, Roma, women, migrants, as well as people of color, members of minority religious and national groups, as well as providing equal living and working opportunities, including decriminalization of sex work and provision of safe access to asylum for all migrants
  9. Taking all necessary measures in fighting homelessness, hunger, and threats to the welfare of trans and intersex persons, as well as ensuring accessibility in all spheres of public life for trans and intersex disabled persons
  10. Clear stance of the countries in the region on fighting growing fascism

Our vision is a society in which every person is free from oppression and marginalization. We want a society in which no identity is the subject of judgment and exclusion, but a reason to celebrate a world full of diversity. We strive towards a society in which resources are being equally distributed, in which there are no centers of power claiming the right to food, water, energy resources, knowledge, and material and intellectual wealth. Above all, we want a society in which there is no inequality, hierarchy, and no system of dominance.

This manifesto presents our core values, demands and vision. It is everything we – trans women, trans men, gender variant, intersex, queer, gender non-defining, agender and all other persons who are on the margins of this cis-hetero-patriarchal, capitalist, racist society – stand for and everything we strive toward, without imposing our gender identities, but demanding absolute freedom to live them.

We want to shake power structures, the status quo, and be the catalysts of change which will lead to equality.

With these words we are calling out for unity of all movements working on human rights of all persons and who believe in a world in which everyone is free.  

To all those listening or reading, all those who are tired of the system they live in, all those who are angry at the society which pushes them to the margins, all those who want a change:this is our revolt. Join us and let’s make a world in which there is room for all our similarities and differences! There is no room only for hate and fascism. These are our bodies, they are our temples! These are our identities, they are our business!

Trans Network Balkan, Trans Aid, Association Spektra