Announcement: Trans Network Balkan (TMB) is looking for translators!

If you are a TIGV (trans, intersex or gender variant) person or an ally with sound knowledge of TIGV topics, we invite you to get in touch because we are searching for translators who can translate a survey of about 2000 words into one of the following languages:

– Albanian
– Macedonian
– Slovenian

Criteria for selection of translators for the survey are:

– excellent knowledge of English or BCGHS (Bosnian, Montenegrin, Croatian, Serbian) language, from which the survey will be translated
– excellent knowledge of Albanian, Macedonian or Slovenian, into which the survey needs to be translated
– availability to do the translation by July 16
– sound knowledge of TIGV topics
– responsibility 🙂

In the event of multiple equally qualified applications for one language, priority will be given to TIGV persons, since one of TMB’s priorities is focused on empowering TIGV communities.

Note: For completed translations each person will be paid a small honorarium. Payment will be made after timely completion of the translation.

If you believe you can contribute, please write to us at before midnight on July 11, 2017 with the following information in English or BCGHS language:
– description of your experience/knowledge of TIGV topics
– language for which you are applying (Albanian/Macedonian/Slovenian)
– description of your experience with translation, if any, and level of knowledge of the language you are applying for and language from which you want to translate (English or BCGHS).

We are looking forward to receiving your application! 🙂

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