Call for translators / interpreters for Digital Transposium 2020

Trans Network Balkan is looking for translators / interpreters to work on the Digital Transposium 2020 translating from BCgHS or English to Albanian, Macedonian, or Slovenian (and potentially vice-versa).

Who are we and what is Digital Transposium?

Trans Network Balkan (TMB) is a small team of activists across the Balkans who came together with the desire to create a regional support network for trans, intersex and gender variant (TIGV) people. Our work covers Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia.

Transposium is an event that brings together up to 100 TIGV people and allies from across the region as a place where we connect, support, learn from each other and strengthen our movement through educational, artistic and social content. This year we were supposed to hold the 6th Transposium, but due to the circumstances of the current prevalence of disease caused by coronavirus (COVID-19), we decided to hold Transposium 2020 via online platforms. We hope that this way we will gather an even larger number of people from our community who would otherwise not have an opportunity to participate in the live program. You can see some pictures and information from previous Transposiums on the pages of our partners Spektra and Trans Aid.

What are we looking for?

As the next Transposium will be held online, we are hopeful that everyone in the Balkan region will be able to join in and participate in the program with little to no language barriers. Therefore we would like to give paid opportunities to those in our community who could help make that possible: translating application forms (in June/July), application answers (if needed – probably in August), promotional videos (in June/July), the program (draft in July, final in September), as well as live interpretation during Transposium (to be confirmed at a later date, depending on application form responses – if needed, the interpretation would most likely be during weekends from mid-September to mid-October).

How to apply?

If you are interested, please contact us at with the subject line “Translation/interpretation – LANGUAGE” (where “LANGUAGE” is the language(s) you can translate to/from – Albanian, Macedonian and/or Slovenian). Please include your basic information, which languages you could provide translation for, what translation/interpretation experience you have and if you have any previous examples available, as well as your availability (when you can start and whether you could commit to all or only some of the above-mentioned potential translation and interpretation needs).

The call is open to all persons who meet the above criteria, and we especially encourage trans, intersex and gender variant persons from the region to apply!
The deadline for applicants is June 4th 2020.

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